What does 4 years of marriage look like?

Do you love me? Duh. You’re so romantic. I know. I love you! Thanks. Why wont’ you say the words? Why do you need to hear it when you know its true? Call me pretty. You are. I am with you, arnt I? Yeah, but that doesn’t feel the same. Well, I know what I… Continue reading What does 4 years of marriage look like?

Screen Lock then Home Button

  I can’t seem to start this blog correctly. So I am just going to start it. READY SET GO! I have had my ups and downs this summer. I was so fortunate to be able to visit with my wonderful family, attend my grandmother’s memorial in California and also play gypsy for a few weeks, which was… Continue reading Screen Lock then Home Button

Cue Laundrymat

The Thrill! The rush! The feeling of fighting your way through a large crowed all intent on back stabbing you, thrashing you and coming out to be KING (or Queen) OF THE WASHER. Thats right, I am talking about the laundry mat. Its a dog eat dog world, where you have to stand your ground,… Continue reading Cue Laundrymat

Anyone Can Be Artsy :Free Coloring Pages!

Art and Creativity have always come naturally to me. It fuels me, it gives me energy and it makes me peaceful and happy! It is apart of who I am and Some people claim that creativity and “artsy stuff” is just not their forte. But I am here to call you out on that! Because… Continue reading Anyone Can Be Artsy :Free Coloring Pages!

DIY: A Little Disneyland Dapper Dan Costume

In case you don’t know much about me, I will let you in on a little secret… I LOVE DISNEY! Everything Disney! I love the stories, the movies, and especially the parks! I get all twitterpated when I think about the music, the magic and the childlike awe that comes from sniffing too much Pixie… Continue reading DIY: A Little Disneyland Dapper Dan Costume