Writers Block

Is it writers block when you are simply too scared to write?

Let me lay it down for you. I am a simple gal who loves to read and even more so, loves to write. I have stories bursting from my ears! Idea’s spilling out my nose like snot and a passionate love for sharing them all.

And yet, I don’t feel like I can EVER win!

I excel at funny remarks, and humorous one liners. Maybe even a quirky paragraph (If you take the time to read it).

But then I open up a word document, to tell you a tall tale about Wodollopy the crooked stout wood nymph who is forced to find a change of heart when he stumbles across an abandoned baby in the forest…. aaaaand it all goes tumbling down an unimpressed hill and SPLASH into the ocean where it drowns a sad and slow gurgling death.

People tell me I am a good writer. And you know what? I believe them, because I want it so badly. I can make 500 of my closest friends laugh on Facebook and create a sort of following for my daily stories. But gosh I can’t even get through re reading a chapter of my own book without cringing.

What is wrong with me? AM I the only one out here who hates my writing? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m too scared to share with anybody.


IF you feel me though.. let me know in the comments. It’s nice to know I am not alone.


Or maybe I am, and it’ll be the knowledge that I am one of a kind, that’ll keep me chugging away.




Cheers and Cucumbers, Friends


❤ Cat.

3 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. My social media persona is very different to my writer persona (and to some extent, to my real life persona too) Maybe you need to see your writing and Facebook statuses as separate entities, and see what emerges in your fiction – you might be pleasantly surprised.


    1. That is a wonderful idea! I try, but know my online persona is the stronger of the two– I guess exercise and practice will strengthen the other? I’ve never been good at working out 😉

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