My new platform for inspiration 

It has been AGES. Read that again, AGES since I have blogged. My excuses are therefore lined up in a pretty little block so you can read them and feel bad, or skip them and show me no mercy. I promised myself that I would write often, and make it a ritual. And I have not broken that. I have just put my blogging on the back burner while I started writing something much closer to my heart. I have decided… to write a novel. Well, actually. I have compleated my first and am now working on my second!
That’s it, I am stating it, I am owning it. I wrote it down and posted it and so now it can’t be undone. (…. unless I just delete this blog.. hmm,… ONLY JOKING) I WANT TO BE AN AUTHOR!
But I want to keep my Blog alive, So I am jumping into give you my list of excuses.
1. WE MOVED. it was rough. But we made it work. But unpacking thousands of boxes is rough.
2. We are trying to make this place our home, inside and out. So I have been socializing *GASP* the horror!
3. Munch my toddler turned 3 years old! Holy cow I can’t believe it!
4. Writing writing writing.
5. I started doing Crossfit again to “get them’ gains”
I’ll stop at 5.
TLDR: LIFE HAPPENED but I am back! … I think.
I might be a little less polished as I do my new kick off. But heck, I am honestly just writing for me now, and just need an outlet. Anybody else feel that way? And even though I am publishing under my name, I am going to stop sharing with my friends and family. I kind of wanted it to be anonymous, and since most people don’t read my blog unless I like it on Facebook, I think I am in the clear.
That being said, hello again interwebs! It is great to be back!
❤ Cat.

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