High School Reunions. Whut?

Fairwarning… This is not going to be a pretty well put together cookie cutter post. Its mostly ranting. But if you know the struggles of high school reunions or heck, the plain abserdity of high school, you’ll feel me.

I just recieved an invitation on facebook to join a large group of people whom I never thought I would ever see or talk to again.

You know how some people just live in the same cute town for the rest of their lives, either partying it up like they are still young, or settling down and never leaving after starting a family?

Well, thats not me.

Being a military wife we have moved so much and so far away from where I grew up, and let me tell you, plane tickets arn’t cheap people! The world may be a small place, but if I am going to travel near 3 thousand miles, there better be a wedding, a funeral or a family gathering (Because when my family calls, I am there). Needless to say, 303 strangers who I spent 2 crappy years with (I was homeschooled until my sophmore year) isn’t making me giddy to jump onto cheaptickets.com.

PLUS: I am a different person than I was 10 years ago. I have molded myself into somone I am finally happy with, and the least of my worries is trying to prove to these people that I am not that pathetic lump of clay I was before.  Now a days, we have this magical thing called FACEBOOK. I see your pics, I see your life. I see how you fake it, or are thriving, or just don’t care. You do you. and I’ll do me. There is no need to relive those wonderfully horid years again for me, thanks but no thanks.

And those who are from my graduation class that I still talk to.. all 3 of you. Cheers, I love you. Post photos of the meet up for me, you’d better be drunk.


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