It smells like Christmas, but my heart hurts a little.

Crispy and delightful is how I would describe the always enjoyable family time during this holiday season. There is always the smell of Christmas cheer when I visit home.

Munch and I have made the trek from Arizona to California once again (Gypsy souls unite) to visit my family for pre Christmas. They are always helpful, hands on and wanting to give me a break from being solo mom. It is blissfully wonderful and I am grateful for all they do!

Coming home always has had its ups and downs though. It is ALWAYS a busy schedule yet I enjoy the love that comes pouring out for both me and my son. It can be exhausting because of the balancing act that I have to play with so many family members, but it is all worth it.

We have Christmas parties with the most amazing hand crafted soft and chew ginger bread. see Christmas pageants at the local community theater (God I miss the stage) and drink egg nog while gathering around the fire. It is the most wonderful time of the year. The only thing missing is my military husband who, as usual, cannot join us.

All is marry and bright, apart from half of my heart which is not here. Sometimes ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ doesn’t sound like such a good thing. When the other part of you is unable to see and feel the joy you do, it puts a damper on the twinkling romantic lights or the look I might share over a glass of wine (Or a beer in his case).

I try and fill the feeling of missing him with skype calls, fun texts and dive then into books to occupy my glorious free time, and even though we will see each other during the actual days of Christmas, I will always miss him when Munch and I go for adventures and he cannot join us.

Being a downer is over rated, but the heart wants what it wants and I am glad that it is him.

On that note,

I am sending Christmas cheer, wishes of happiness and command you to hug and tell those around you that you love them because LOVE WINS!






Happy Holidays everybody!


❤ Mama Cat.


2 thoughts on “It smells like Christmas, but my heart hurts a little.

  1. As a former military wife (husband is out now) my heart goes out to you. This is a difficult time to endure. I promise you it will pass. Enjoy your holidays with your family and your child, and look forward to the future ones you will share with your love. They are coming.

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