Screen Lock then Home Button


I can’t seem to start this blog correctly. So I am just going to start it.


I have had my ups and downs this summer. I was so fortunate to be able to visit with my wonderful family, attend my grandmother’s memorial in California and also play gypsy for a few weeks, which was much needed. But along with the good and special events, has been loneliness, long days and exhausting. All of these emotions and feelings are none that I am ashamed of. It is what human nature is all about after all, we all feel it in our own way. Nobody is perfect!


But do you know what helps fix that? Tea!! And lots of it! While in California I went out with a wonderful friend who I have known and cared about for ages and we enjoyed a full Tea luncheon that will go down in the history books! We had such a grand time playing Downton Abby, getting dressed up and just spending 5 hours catching up on life while eating tiny foods and sipping from beautiful china.One thing that has been present in our BFFL (Best friends for life) agreement  since we were small children has always  been honesty and love. We shared our ups and downs and really bonded for the first time as women. Not children or teenagers, but as full fledged adults trying to make it in this crazy world. It was such an eye opening insight to a beautiful human being, which inspired me in all of my relationships.  I truly do love and enjoy being able to know a person on a real level, and connect in someway that is much deeper than “Sup? Hows the weather?”. If we all tried to create these relationships with everyone we met, I am positive that the world would be an amazing place!


Let me turn the page now, and explain what writing I have been up to instead of blogging. I challenged  myself to keep a hand written daily diary, and so far am going on 36 days straight of recording my thoughts, feelings and daily events just for the pure joy of it, and to get inside my head and heart. I am finding it so refreshing to be able to let everything loose onto a page and then turn the page knowing that I don’t have to keep it floating around in my head.


I have also started writing a novel. Who knows what will come of it, but starting it has been on my mind for a while. So why not?  I was hesitant to tell people about it. But I have decided to proclaim it now for the world to hear! I AM A WRITER! I find that the more people I tell, the more confidence it gives me, plus I am receiving a lot of encouragement about pursuing my dream. I am not ready to release details about it yet. But you bet I will be blogging about it when I do!

To wrap up… I am going to call this blog post “Screen Lock then Home Button” Because that is how you refresh an Iphone. I feel like sometimes we need a break. Even from our passions in order to come back with a more open and honest perspective. So now that I have taken time to refresh, I am back! It may be a slow start, because.. well… life.  But I am hoping that soon I will have a plethora of blog posts I want to share!
For now, Take care and have a SCREEN LOCK then HOME BUTTON day!

❤ Mama Cat



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