The appearance of empathy

Dear Munch,

It has been a while since I have written you a letter, and even though I have been taking a hiatus from social media, and my blogging seems to be scarcer than water in a desert (I blame technology for that one),  I was struck by quite a miraculous moment today that I just HAD to record.

The date is the 2nd of August 2016. You are now a rambunctious 2 year old. Who, lets face it.. you are a tyrant, a terror and a crazy monkey child! Whoever your mother is, I wish her a hot bath, a massage every night and a glass of wine (not always in that order).

You have so many emotions being throw around all at the same time. Mostly frustration, anger, happiness and excitement. One second you are bouncing like a ball the next you are flat on the floor #planking. Its a whirlwind.

As days go on, potty training and alphabet songs start to blur together and create a environment where I want to turn red faced and yank all of my hair out. But then I blink my eyes and something extraordinary happened.

We were on our way to the bathroom for the 3rd time in 10 minutes, You are tucked under my arm squealing as I rush towards the porcelain god in hopes that you don’t pee all over my new maxi skirt I just bought. I plop you down on the toilet and command “Go Pee Pee. POINT PLEASE” while shielding my eyes from the possible splash zone.

Instead of following directions, you exclaim “ALL DONE” (Even though you did literally NOTHING), turn around, grab a book off of our stack of potty reading material and open it up, insisting that I read out loud.

The book is about a puppy who wants to play but keeps being rejected by his animal friends until finally a boy plays with him and they live happily ever after. We had read it 5 times today. But this time. This time was special.

Unlike before, you all of a sudden became very in tune with the story within the book. Every time you turned the page, and I say “poor dog” You would take the board book out of my hands, place the photo against your little heart and say “awwe” and stroke the photo of the doggy comfortingly.

Boom. Empathy.

Where the heck did that come from?! All of a sudden, out of no where, you are feeling all of the feels!

I turn the page again, gawking like you are some alien creature. As I read and then repeat “poor dog” you take the book, sigh a little bit in dismay that the bunny is a jerk friend, and comfort the drawing of a dog saying,”is tay”( translation for readers “its okay”)

This continues for 3 more animals and finally the boy jumps in to save the day!

Your face erupts with excitement, happiness and joy! FOR THE FAKE DOG!

How did this happen in just 3 minutes? Right before my eyes, you All of a sudden, you learned and understood that something other than you, could feel sadness, pain and also joy! And then, what is the first thing you did? You comforted and then rejoiced!
But what an amazing and eye opening experience.

We may be taught to show love and affection by others, but empathy and kindness is something that just appeared for you, a very small boy who on all other occasions prefers to kick me in the shins and yells “MAMA MAMA WADKE UP” as you shove me down the hallway to replay TMNT has learned that others have feelings too.

If a little terror toddler can show so much empathy and support unconditionally without having to be prompted, I swear that there is good, light and love left in this world despite what sin has to say.

I have been avoiding social media because there is so much negativity going on. By unplugging I learned quite a lesson from you, my darling 2 year old. Let us all cuddle a book tonight and empathize with one another when we are denied and alone. THEN cheer loudly and forget our woes when we finally realize that it is better to play well with others and be companions.

Munch, thank you for once again, teaching me something huge through your little/big heart. I am one fortunate Mama!

Woh Ai Ni. God is teaching you so much goodness and I pray that he continues to be a steadfast in your life.


P.S. While I was writing this, you pooped on my foot. Thanks for that. #notreally #sarcasm


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