Starbucks Vs. Diapers: The laughable factor.

Diapers are life. So is coffee. While living in North Carolina I cloth diapered Munch for a long time. When he became a growing and eating toddler, disposables took over and I didn’t mind.

$7.50 For a pack of diapers a week is doable (and then there of course is bulk diaper buying from Sams club) no problem. We manage, mostly because that is what happens when you give life. You end up wrapping it in little cotton absorbing thingys until you are forced to teach them to control their bowels.

When we arrived to visit family in California.. BOOM. I realized why so many people stress over potty training.

I walked into CVS to grab a pack of diapers to last us until we got to Arizona and my eyeballs popped out of my head. Almost $13 for a single pack of diapers!!!


Talk about cost of living!

Its not like I could slam the diapers down onto the floor in protest and refuse to buy them (obvi. I didn’t have a choice) So I placed them delicately down on the purchasing counter treating them like a little blue Tiffany box instead of a disposable poop container) and forked over our hard earned cash. PLUS 10 Cents for a bag (LE SIGH, CALIFORNIA).

After Munch was clean and dry, Husband and I decided to go on a drive. It was nice and relaxing and Munch took a long nap.

Feeling parched we went to the ONLY Starbucks drive thru within a 15 miles (Everyone claims that Starbucks drive thrus are located EVERYWHERE in California… LIES! All LIES.) and Paid $13.64 for 2 small drinks and two small pastries.



Alls I have to say interwebs is… GOOD BYE MONEY! Hello stupid plastic bags that are sucking the fun out of all shopping experiences, overly priced sugar water with whip cream on top and a pricey poopy waste of cash.

Californians who take political offense, I meant this to be read as a comedy. Know I was born a California girl, and by those terms, I am allowed to make fun of my own state as much as I want under the “I can beat up my brother but you can’t ” clause.


Watch yourself Bro. Watch yo’ self.

❤ Mama Cat


4 thoughts on “Starbucks Vs. Diapers: The laughable factor.

  1. You have to pay 10 cents for bags in LA county but not Orange County but I always keep the reusable bags in my car so that I don’t have to pay. Plus, target gives you 5 cents off per reusable bag you use. 🙂


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