Oh mi oh my!

It sure has been a while since I have blogged anything. (My fattest apologies goes to my followers.)

The packing, the moving, the chaos of getting a house ready to be returned to the rental market had me like “AAAAAAAAH!!” Pulling my unicorn colored hair out.

But as always, in the end, it works out.

When I first got back to California (for a 3 week get away and catch up with our massive family) I was plagued with this real and true thing called anxiety. I couldn’t shake it. Even though I had done my part with moving, and was now in the clutches of my family, I still felt my nerve endings tingling (and not in a good way) and my shoulders in my earlobes from stress.

It was a mix of many things, wanting to complete every item on my HORRIDLY awful task list, residual stress from moving, the pressure of visiting family/ensuring equality when it comes to family time (Oliver has 4 sets of grandparents all living miles between each other) and wanting to make sure to get some relaxing time for myself (WAY easier said than done).

But I have since taken time to let it all go (its actually comical how I can say that so freely now! If you asked me 3 days ago I would have told you to “bugger off”)

I sit in my mothers jungle of a backyard (she literally designed it to feel, move and behave like a tropical oasis) enjoying the cool morning breeze, the tinkle of 6 wind chimes floating all around me, the buzzing of humming birds and the splish splash of Munch playing with an outdoor water toy in a perfect patch of light).

Though being home comes with its own responsibilities (that differ majorly from what I usually have on the menu when its just my little family of three) It is nice to be back with the larger clan who are so willing to play with Oliver and give me some time to just sit to read or binge watch Outlander (I just started the second book Dragon Fly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon so I deemed it alright to begin watching the Starz series–I HIGHLY recommend it reading the books firstly then starting the show! SO GOOD! *swoon*)

When it comes down to it, everything always works itself out. Stress and anxiety happen a lot. The best way to deal with it is to acknowledge what makes you stressed, realize that it is an issue and then help work yourself away from that place inside you that might be all twisted in knots. I am obviously no professional, but let me tell you, the air is MUCH cleaner on the other side of anxiety.


Now pardon me while I go sip on some lemon water and go try and collect coins for when I forget to BMOB to the grocery store.

That that translates to BRING MY OWN BAG.

Its a California thing. *insert eye roll*

Cheers! I wish you all a deep and clean breath of fresh air!

❤ Mama Cat


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