Blog post drout

With all of the hussle and bustle amungst moving week, I have felt inspire to write well rounded blog post. 

BUT WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?! Not me that’s for sure.

We drove down to Greenville, NC to visit some family for memorial weekend and to spend time with them before we move across the country. And it’s been a pleasant step away for my CRAZED brain! I’m able to enjoy some mommy time, go shopping, buy some clothes that ACTUALLY fit me, and sit on the porch and watch the kiddos play in the yard. 

We found a turtle and dubed him Timmy

What I’m taking away 4 days before our lives turn into stacked boxes, is that I really need to take all my stress, anxiety and Control freakiness THEN embody queen Elsa and Let it Go! There is really nothing else I can do right now, and by the 4th of this month I will be on a plane to see my family in California (where my little sister is already planning to babysit Munch for an extended period of time).

I just can’t wait for this entire week to be over and done with, but for right now, I am going to tuck into a burger, watch the beautiful rain fall in this humid state and remember the heroes who paid the ultimate price for our freedom today. 
Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend everyone! 
❤ Mama Cat


One thought on “Blog post drout

  1. Love you posts! Timmy…remember your pet ‘fake’ turtle growing up? Tommy is back and he is alive! Also loving your pictures. Makes me feel so cozy…well done sweetheart:)
    Love your mama


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