Homemade Flashcards

It is no secret that I want to home school Munch. Homeschooling doesn’t start at a certain age.  Homeschooling is ALL the time, anywhere and with anything. Its all about hands on learning and since we do that anyway, I know the future will be a wonderful adventure. (I myself have been home schooled, and don’t you worry, I am well qualified to teach my kiddo!)

Munch has been learning a lot of words and reading books to himself recently (mostly sounds and basic words) so I wanted to expand his knowledge and add in some other customized words that were not covered in the books he has.

So (being a cheapskate AND an artist) I decided to make Munch some flashcards! SUUUURE I could have just run to the dollar store for some cheap flash cards, but where is the fun and creativity in that?! PLUS, these are going to be SUPER cards and be designed perfectly for HIS learning level.

I cut up some filing folders into cards, then went to work with some ink and water colors. I started out just doodling with pencil, and then added in layers and eventually called it “Good and Done” and then added playful boarders. I tried to keep them pretty but simple for his first set.


Because my little terror…. *Cough* I mean Darling wanted to stampede onto my hard labors, I went into OPERATION SAVE THE FLASH CARDS!


So (being cheap once again) I used packing tape to laminate the cards to avoid water damage and increase durability.

Go Pack Go 🙂

And then TADA!! Fun and customized flash cards!

Munch insisted on being Pikachu today- Obvi it’s going to be a GOOD day!

Think making homemade flash cards is a good idea? Try it out! Even if you can only draw stick figures, kids have great imaginations and I am sure together you can make out the difference between a monkey and a kangaroo! Its all in good fun!

Have a wonderful day!

❤ Mama Cat


6 thoughts on “Homemade Flashcards

  1. Training pikachu! (I couldn’t resist ;D)
    I love love love these! Water colors are so fun, but so hard to work with. Anyways, your cards came out awesome! Also neat idea using packing tape for ‘laminating’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m trying to get him to evolve soon! He’s silly and doesn’t like to stay inside his pokeball!! Haha!

      Thanks girl! Practice makes perfect with water colors!


    1. Thank you! You would be surprised! You don’t have to be a crazy good artist to make some fun flash cards! PLUS kids love to use their imagination so you can pretty much get away with anything! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

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