Quilt therapy

Its dreary and rainy outside and Munch has a cold, so while he was sleeping, instead of doing laundry, tidying or anything else productive for the house hold, I decided to find a creative outlet to release some anxiety and stress I have been carrying because of the move. After all, a happy Mama is a crafty mama!

So I started a scrappy fabric quilt for Munch to cuddle in.


I used the little piles of left over fabrics that I had accumulated and made a basic and fun looking quilt top! You can actually see that many of the blocks are remnants from projects I made before! (I spy with my little eye, a square from Munch’s Dapper Dan costume I made for his first trip to Disneyland!-If you have not yet see him in his costume click the link here.)

I love just putting in headphones with a great audio book to pass the time. I am an audio book addict. I just finished Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and started Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novak last night.

Once I am plugged in, I sit myself down and lose myself in my sewing machine and ironing board.

The finished quilt top

There is something to be said about taking some time to yourself. Especially as a stay at home mom, I have had to learn the hard way that if I don’t take some time to myself once in a while life becomes harder than it needs to be. If I am able to express myself creatively, then I am refreshed and ready to tackle anything head on!

As you can see, Munch felt much better after his nap and loved the quilt. He proceeded to do some epic gymnastic moves on the bed that were worthy of the WWE. I am very pleased with how happy this quilt made during the quick process. It was exactly what I needed. Something scrappy. Something bright and something fun!


What kinds of things do YOU do when you need a little ME time? Comment away!

Happy Thursday everyone!

❤ Mama Cat.



4 thoughts on “Quilt therapy

      1. Sorry it has taken me forever to respond to this (we were plagued with this thing called moving,bleh!)

        I just started a book called “The book of speculation” by Erixa Swyler it’s quite enchanting!


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