DIY: Woven Babywearing Wrap

I L-O-V-E Baby wearing! Not only is it the best way to get snuggles from your little (when they are squishes AND when they are monsters) It also provides an easy way to get some necessary hands free time!

When Munch was born I was gifted a structured Boba Carrier! Which I and my husband adore! Its easy, it has clips and it is great for ALL occasions. You can baby wear with it front AND back, from infant to toddler.


Boba Stuctured carrier: Cue Sleep dust!

For as long I have been baby wearing though, I have always wanted my own woven wrap. For those of you who may not know what that is, it is a beautiful piece of hand woven cloth that is wrapped securely and specifically around mom and baby and used to carry either on the front, or on the back (known as a ruck carry).

I should note here that until you have been taught the proper techniques, ties and wraps of baby wearing with a woven wrap, please do not try this unassisted. You can get in touch with your local Baby Wearing International group and they will teach you the safest way for you and your child. I can’t stress safety enough!

Ok, now that that is out of the way. Let me get back to woven wraps! I have lusted over so many hand woven wraps! I gush over my friends new purchases, and I touch and feel ALL the wraps at Baby wearing meetings. But let me say.. they are SO gosh darn expensive! (though my hubby said that I could purchase a wrap for myself once we had a second baby.. I just don’t have the patients for that. I WANT IT NOW! Munch is almost 2, so I thought, why not treat myself! But the prices scared me away (I am a cheap-skate!).

So then I started doing some research. Well, a lot of research actually! I am a crafty women after all, I could make my own wrap!

Once again, I stress safety. Don’t go out and just buy an old table cloth from goodwill and tie it around your babe. The fabric HAS to be woven for the correct and safest fit.

The best fabric to use when “making” a wrap is a fabric called OSNABURG. It is a hand woven, muslin fabric that is actually pretty cheap to purchase large amounts of (because I promise you, you’ll need a lot!). It isn’t stretchy, but softens after time and wear (which is exactly the quality that you want for baby wearing.)


I found a great blog post where I found some pretty easy to follow instructions and tutorials on how to make my own Osnaburg wrap ( You can read it here! Puddles and Posies ) and started with step #1. Boiling the fabric! (What?! Cook it? YEERP! You have to strip it of all the weird gunk that clings to the fabric. So I ignored my husbands rolling eyes (He puts up with my antics *wink*) and started cooking fabric and boiling water.

Then I pulled out my iron, sewing machine, needles and then whistled while I worked! I got 7 yards of fabric because I wanted to make my wrap a size 6. (And let me tell you, 7 yards.. is a TON of fabric when its unrolled! — which I flung into the air and danced around the house like a crazy person)

Eventually I hemmed all sides (which took a while for 7 yards!) and my wrap was pretty much.. COMPLETE!!

But of couse I wasn’t done yet, because it wasn’t pretty enough (am I really that vain? no.. but who wouldn’t want it to be a pretty color?!)

Munch was growing impatient, but I told him that pretty colors are important for mommies happiness. This part was the hardest. But.. I was already committed. And mildly obsessive. (Thankfully husband played with Munch while I spent several hours sweating and adding boiled water to the dye every 15 minutes. Woooweee! it was like a purple sauna!)

I made it a gradient dye, wanting an ombre effect. Once too much time passed, I deemed it FIT and a good-enough color! and WASHED WASHED WASHED! (I bet I gained some muscles in my arms just from rinsing out all the dye in the heavy fabric!)


Then I grabbed my clothes pins and set it to billow in the breeze. Once it was dry, I was SO READY to finally get Munch into it. But of course the little…… darling didn’t want to be worn. ALL OF MY HARD WORK AND LABOR, AND HE DIDN’T WANT TO PARTAKE! GAH! The Drama!

Belive it or not, it was about 2 weeks before he actually agreed to go up in the wrap. I had to bride him with lollipops. Kids, sigh. It’s not like he hasn’t been worn before. But eventually I got to take some photos of him in the wrap!

I absolutly love it! It didn’t dye as vibrant as I wanted.. But alas, I will survive!

I am super happy with the way it turned out (Even though Munch was being frustrating. If it were up to me, I would wear him ALL the time… But SOMEBODY wants to be a free spirit. I get it. I guess..) and it only cost me $40 for the fabric, $6 for the dye and lots of patience and upper arm strength! I still intend on buying another baby wearing thingy.. but this will last me a while *wink*

I hope ya’ll enjoyed reading about my DIY adventure! It was totes worth it!


❤ Mama Cat

Munch is breaking it in for me with snuggles.

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