Sniffle Day

Today Munch has the sniffles. He caught a cold due to the ever changing weather and is acting quite overly dramtic. Sure he still has his spunk when he wants his way, but it is quickly followed by a lot of snot being rubbing on my shoulder mixed with salty tears of pittiful saddness and dispare (EWW.)

So, It looks like productivity might be on a decline for what we had planned today. Its time to CUE THE COFEE and snuggle in for a rainy and cloudy afternoon.IMG_6264

Todays blog is going to be more journal entry for me, since we have a lot going on around the house I just wanted some space to write. (Who needs to be social when you can just type it anyway! Pashaw!)

My KonMari adventure is still in the works, I am still practicing tidying and discarding, just not quite with the UMPH that I started with. Not because I am burnt out, but because other things are taking priority and I don’t have 5 hours to just SIT and FEEL the feels over old stuff.

I have managed several trips to the dump and donation centers and am feeling pretty pleased with my progress.  The movers are coming next week to survay the house and figure out how many boxes our lives will fit into, which is sort of intimidating seeing as everything is so scattered. I keep fighting the urge to organize everything before hand, but that may just lead to a false sence of our bulk.

Ideally, Munch will take a 3 hour nap today, this coffee will kick in and I will be able to morph into the energizer bunny and tackle my crafting room and husbands man cave. We shall see how that plays out for me *Crosses fingers*.


Besides stressing about the physical and scheduling part of the move, I have been reflecting a lot on the fact that we are moving. It comes with the terriroty of course, but that doesn’t make it less difficult. It isn’t the house or the town or the weather that I will miss. It is the people. Everytime I move it is the same though. Our hearts are torn because we know that we have to say our goodbyes. The world is a small place, that is one thing I know is true. Paths are destined to cross again, and now a days with social media, it makes it near impossiable to NOT stay connected, but it still hurts because it is veturing into the unknown.

Not being able to physically hug and phsycially spending time with the friends we have grown to call family is why it hurts. I have to remind myself though, That YES, I have met amazing people in this chapter of my life, and they won’t dissapear once we move, and if we are true friends, we will not grow apart. But with this move, comes MORE people to meet! More lives to fill and more friends to make! I am beyond excited to see who I am going to be calling “Friend” next! I have people I love all over the country right now. I don’t know if that is unique, or if that is normal, but either way, it is fantastic! I have formed friendships that deserve spontaneous visits and days upon days of catching up and picking up right where we left off so I know it is possiable to have long distance relationships.

This move is sad, for me, and for my friends (Who have become family) but we all need to pick ourselves up, hug eachother and be thankful that our paths have crossed. I promise you, you can’t get rid of us that easily! (And if you know me (and husband) at all, you KNOW that I am a friend for good!)

Life is a wild ride people of the interwebs. Sniffling kids, moving saddness lets throw in one more overwhelming feeling…

As we established, I am stressed, tired and sad. BUT did I mention I am also Twitterpated? (Yes, that is a word– go watch Disney’s Bambi then come back and read this.) Pretty much, I am in L-O-V-E! We may be exhausted, and all over the place, but we are all over the place together. I love my SweetHeart. He cuddles with our Sniffling Munch and calls to check on him through out the day when he can (Who honestly calls from work to talk to a crazed todddler who doesn’t actually know how to properly work a phone? (Other than fitbump the red button) My husband, thats who!). When life throws challange, we stress together, we grow together, we laugh about it then we come out ontop, because thats just what our partnership and friendship is all about and I truly appreciate every second that we spend together with this family we have created!

Ok, lovey sappy stuff aside. Life is cloudy and snotty, but pretty freaking awesome!


So this is us. This is my real life and I love every second of it. Its a rollercoaster and I don’t have ANY clue what is going to happen next. Don’t even ask me where I see myself in 10 years because I have ZERO clue, Other than the fact that I will have a 12 year old(Oh gosh, time please slow down!) and a loving husband. But I know that my little family (With God’s guidance of course) are excited and ready for a new adventure! (And hopefully He throws in some ducks, a goat and a pretty view *wink*)

Is it nap time yet?

Welp, todays blog post is a wrap! Thanks for reading, or skimming.. or TLDRing and skipping to the end (*cough* husband *cough*).

Have a FANTABULOUS day interwebs friends! #TTFN

❤ Mama Cat


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