Blog #6 is different.

Reflection time. LETS> GET>REAL.

This will be my 6th blog post! And even though I wanted to wait to write a whole months worth of blogs before I reflected on my experience so far, I just felt a little stuck.SO I am just going to make this sort of a journal entry to sort out my thoughts and get on the right page! Feel free to skip and dance along with me because HERE I GO.

Before starting a blog, I did a LOT of research (like…. ALOOOOT) .. I am kind of obsessively thorough (is that how you spell it…? weird word!) into blogging. I searched blog names, how to get popular, what to write about, do’s and don’ts and “How to make your blog LOOK amazing” nightly for months.

I read blog after blog, article after article and planned. Planned.Planned. Because I wanted it to be PERFECT!! I told myself I wouldn’t care who read it, or how many views I received, but we all know that I was lying to myself.

From the minute I hit “POST” to my first blog, I have been jumpy and nervous and over thinking, and to be honest, I think that I became a bit crazed (just a bit…. >.> ). This morning I opened up wordrpress and started re reading my articles.

I like them, they sound smart, they sound creative and engaging and they look awesome! But there is something missing from them that I usually always have in my writing.  My whit and free writing is slowly hiding itself because I am trying to sound SUPER professional.

Yes, I strive for the best (working for Disney has forced me to always PROVIDE THE MAGICAL DISNEY WAY-Perfection.) I have always enjoyed having fun in my writing. I have always been able to put my personality into journaling, Facebooks posts and letters to my son (Yes, I write Munch letters and emails so he can read them when he gets older. Though it may just be me wanting to hold on to something, and picturing myself sitting in a old rocking chair as a little purple haired granny). I want my writing in my blogs to become more personal. I don’t want to sound like the 20 other blog posts you find on Pinterest. Because though I lust over those blogs myself, the whole reason I started a blog was because I wanted a creative outlet for my writing.

This whole process was suppose to be about me and expressing myself through words!

I feel like screaming through the computer “MAMA CAT!! PULL IT TOGETHER AND JUST WRITE LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO! Don’t write for someone else, write for yourself!”

This is a huge realization to me. I let the fear of blogging publicly creep into my writing style and hinder my personality.  I have a fear of being judged (Duh, who doesn’t) I have a fear that someone will dislike my writing style or won’t care for what I have to say…. BUT WHY SHOULD I CARE?!

Short answer. I shouldn’t.

I have lots of friends who can puff out their chests like Honey Badgers and proclaim “I Don’t care what others say! I do what I want!”  and I think there is something super freeing in that (of course to an extent… No.. I don’t feel like going to rob a gas stations and then go out and purchase a helicopter!–wait….  Where did that come from? Subconscious desires? SUUUURE!) and then there is me.. a 6 foot tall mouse who is sitting in her corner nibbling her cheese and scampering right back into my hidey hole.

NEVER AGAIN *Stomps foot down on the ground and puffs out chest* #sorrynotsorry

Lets start new. This is me! I #hashtag all the time(In writing and in real life). I say “TOTES” and “LIKE” a lot. I am Geeky, I am friendly and I Love my son! I Dance around in my kitchen while I cook, playing Disney music on blast while I simmer Asian food and make bread from scratch. I drink coffee ONLY if its full of milk and sugar. I LOVE all things Harry potter and I LOVE to read , I want to live on a farm and have goats and chickens and a cow! My husband is my sweet heart, my dog drives me crazy but makes Munch SO

beyond happy that I put up with him (My dog really is darling…He is just energetic with love.. and kisses. and more kisses. and licking. and love. did I mention the kisses?).I stay up late to sew and catch up on TV. And right now.. I REALLY REALLY REALLY … WANT A FUNNEL CAKE FOR BREAKFAST (But Husband and I are just starting our meal prep weight loss journey… so theres that.)


Above all, my heart and soul belong to The Man Upstairs (Jesus in case you had any question as to whom I was talking about), and everything I do and say is to glorify him.


So I am going to start posting more of this stuff, filled with fun, whit and real stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love DIY blogs (prepare for some awesomesauce posts) and other fun specific interest blogs (maybe a book or movie review here and there) But I want to do more “Mama Cat Life!” Because after all, its much more fun to share my crazy circus of a life than just sit around being swallowed up in my own circus wondering which monkey will drive me bonkers first.

Unless there are funnel cakes that is.

BOOM. BLOG POST DONE. #dropthemic

❤ Mama Cat


3 thoughts on “Blog #6 is different.

  1. Haha I can totally see you having all purple hair when you’re old!
    The life of real Cat and professional Cat are all super fun to read, but I’m glad you’re finding that balance. Either way, I always leave your blog with a smile. Keep it up! ;D

    Liked by 1 person

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