Anyone Can Be Artsy :Free Coloring Pages!

Art and Creativity have always come naturally to me. It fuels me, it gives me energy and it makes me peaceful and happy! It is apart of who I am and

Some people claim that creativity and “artsy stuff” is just not their forte. But I am here to call you out on that! Because I wholeheartedly believe that ANYBODY can be an artist!

Like I said before, I have always loved art. Painting, drawing, charcoals, markers, pens and pencils. Walking into a craft store for me is better than a candy shop! It IS in my blood, which I love!

A little growing love- From my Art Journal Journey

There is a reason that at a very young age we find joy in spreading gooey paints across the walls or eating crayons and making a colorful mess. It is because art psychologically makes us feel good. Our creative side of the brain (how ever small it may be) is begging to come out!

On the first day of art class (a night course offered at a community collage where I was the youngest person by 30 years), my teacher asked us to raise our hands if we doodled while we were on the phone. 60% raised their hands. Even if we claim to “not be artistic” we do it automatically to concentrate, or even absentmindedly. Not everyone has to go to art school to be an artist! For me, Art is my way of expression! BUT let me say, it doesn’t have to be that complicated! In fact, being a part time artist is even easier than you may think (Even from your smelly, tiny old cubical!)

I am taking about the act of coloring and the hip new fad of ADULT COLORING BOOKS!

They are all the rage now a days! Which I think is fantastic! It is a way to show everyone that being an artist is not so hard! All it takes is a book (you can now even pick up at your local supermarket if you wanted to…or……*cough* Just One Hit Click on Amazon Prime!) and something to color with: crayons, pencils, chalk, markers, Heck even a stray high lighter on your desk will work! and VWALA! You’re an artist! Simple, easy and it didn’t cost you an expensive trip to the art supply store! (*GUSH*)

Coloring books should not be that big of a deal to any of us! From the age of 6 I am sure I have always had a coloring book on my book shelf. Even in my college days I had a Disney coloring book from the Dollar store that I packed along with my notes to classes. Most of the time I Zentangled some of my own designs (see the green cover photo of this post for an example). But to some, Coloring books are seen as “only for children”.

Well I challenge you reader…. BECOME A CHILD. Take a moment to remember the wonders of life and the awwe that a child gets in their eyes when they can scribble and mess up and take over a whole page of paper(and apart of a desk) without worry. Fully and freely! Abandoning stress and forgetting about time and dare I say it.. Coloring outside of the lines! It is OK!

I love seeing all of my friends posting photos of their creations on Facebook. Friends and family who claim to not be creative are now turning to the colorful side of life! They sit there with ink or pencil and a coloring book in between meetings or classes coloring away their worries. They feel the pull! The feeling art gives you is both a high, and a zen. It focuses your brain solely on the task at hand and it asks you to not stray to your grocery lists and your lesson plans. Whether you color in the lines, or make different artistic chooses, there is no WRONG way! and even better.. there is no one to judge you but yourself.


Maybe that is the entire point. To realize that it is not the fact that we are not artistic, but maybe we put too much pressure on ourselves to be better than we need to be. If you are a driven person, that is amazing, we need more people like you in the world. However, you need a break. Even the most focused and determined people need to relax once in a while.


I feel so strongly about art therapy and coloring books that I am going to be giving away a coloring page to 3 readers who comment that they want one! I know that some people can’t afford to purchase a full coloring book. So if you comment below that you want to become an artist…I will send you A FREE COLORING PAGE! I don’t care if you are a friend, family member or stranger who has stumbled upon my blog (Hi stranger!) I think that the importance of creativity and art is worth all the stamp costs (or email if you prefer) and will in the end make the world a better place with happier people!

While you are commenting, think about this. If art could be the one thing that could save your life, would you do it? Of course you would! Especially because it’s such an easy and simple task. So why not ease your mind and heart a few times a week simply by picking up a piece of paper and mash goo around for a bit. Play, scratch, create something beautiful (even if its only beautiful to you!) doodle, wash, rinse, repeat and start enjoying the artsy side of life.


Happy Creativity friends!


❤ Mama Cat

5 thoughts on “Anyone Can Be Artsy :Free Coloring Pages!

  1. Haha Beautiful! I love your art spirit and your works. This really does inspire me to do some art. Thankyou 🙂


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