KonMari: 1 week update- Clothing

Well Ladies and Gents, it has officially been a week since I have started my KonMarie Journey of Tidying, discarding and organizing my house and my life.  Incase you didn’t know…. I am using the Book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organization By Marie Kondo. You can find my blog post about starting it here Some Things Need Change: KonMari

Let me just say, it has been a wild adventure already! I started listening to the audio book (Because who has time to sit and read with my eyes?! Though I want to purchase the book in hardcover for reference eventually) and am truly enjoying every step.  My process of going through the book (Which is broken into parts that help you organize per a specific order) while I am tidying the sections so I don’t get ahead of myself and it really seems to for me. While Others may choose to read the entire book in one go and then begin their tidying journey… I was feeling so psyched to start tidying that I didn’t have the patients to wait.

My company as I write: liquid energy and aloe plant ❤

Here are 5 Thrills (and challenges) I have experienced with my KonMari journey thus far.

  1. Toddlers DO NOT like you to clean and tidy while there is destruction to be done! And in fact, they DO destroy… EVERYTHING.

This by far has been my largest struggle. I am a full time stay at home mom, which is my dream job and I am SO beyond blessed that I have the opportunity. Munch is the light of my life and I love being able to teach him new things every day and watch him learn and grow. THAT being said, he became more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to tidying. Especially because he has not taken an actual nap (Besides falling asleep in the car) for about 6 months. THE STRUGGLE IS SO REAL. But, this is my life on the reg, so I have to make it work.

I begin Step #1. Clothing. As the books guide suggests, I take every top out of the closet and drawers (and find all the hidden ones in every room) place it in a big heap on the floor and start taking in shirt by shirt. Deciding its destiny. Do I truly love it? Does it bring my happiness? If the answer is yes, it goes in the keep pile. If the answer is “no” or “I use to love it. But it doesn’t bring my happiness anymore” Thank off to donation it goes. I spend a few moments holding a specific t-shirt to my chest. Thanking it for its memories and having a little emotional moment with myself. I am never going to wear this T-shirt from high school again. I haven’t touched it or put it on in 8 years, yet it found its way into my closet and now, its time to go. I thank it for being my go to shirt that I wore proudly as I walked around the drama department when I was a teenager. I remember the good times we had together. My first date with my high school sweet heart (Who is now my husband), that time that it sat with me as I failed a Spanish test. And then, I place it one last time into an unmarked black plastic bag that will be lovingly placed into the back of my car and off to be donated to someone who needs a shirt.

Taking a deep shuddering breath, I decide to take a break and grab a glass of water. I walk back in the room feeling better and ready for more break throughs and accomplishments… and what do I find? My son– who has stripped down to his diaper, flinging clothes hangers around the room and un packing the “for donation” bag and rolling around bathing in the long forgotten memories of my glory days. Talk about the process of letting go! HA.


2) I own a lot of stuff.. that I have no intention on wearing. I also own a lot of black…..

3) Attachment is a real thing. But so is guilt. I felt guilty ridding myself of so many lush clothing that I know never made me happy and I would probably never wear. Guilt forced me to keep those clothes hostage in the back of my closet. So far, through this process of letting go, I have been able to part with many items.

One of my friends suggested I take my clothing to a store that would purchase them from me, instead of donating it all to Goodwill. And though this sounds like a great way to make back a little bit of cash.. firstly.. I am donating old high school T-shirts. I don’t think they are considered designer so I probably would be turned away with only shame and guilt to comfort me. And secondly, I had already emotionally given up my clothing by placing them in an unmarked black trash bag. I didn’t want to have to hand over item by item to see their value and worth. Its too much of a headache and honestly, I just wanted to be rid of it all quickly and smoothly. Plus, I know that someone else could be making better use of my discarded treasures than I would.

Some people feared that I was throwing out too many things. My mom being one of them (I think mainly in fear that I would throw something out that belonged to her (I have a bad habit of shopping in my mothers closet from time to time… without her knowing..) Or that there may be something that she would want to keep.

But I can assure you of this, everything I donated, I don’t need. and if I don’t need it, you don’t.  I am doing us al favor and I promise you won’t even notice its gone, I know I didn’t! The Life Changing Magic of Decluttering actually talks about this. It says that if someone sees the items you are discarding, they feel guilty and inclined to rescue those items and then bring clutter and unused things into their own home. I am pretty sure that is how I got into this mess in the first place.

But guess what? Clothing and STUFF are not stray Puppies. They do not feel sad and abandoned. (Sure, we all have the Toy Story Syndrome… But were not talking about fluffy teddy bears. Simply, clothing.)

In the end, this journey is about myself. My life and what needs to belong and what just takes up space. I am learning through this entire process that some things go easily, while others takes me a moment to process. But in the end, The stuff I choose to keep, brings me joy! Thats what its all about!

4)Folding and the feeling of true satisfaction! Now that I have my clothing sorted, organized and folded the KonMari way… it looks so clean! It feels so organized! And it stays that way! As soon as laundry is done, I fold it and put it away. Its BEAUTIFUL! And Glorious! Ah.. I will never go back! I no longer have laundry baskets heaping over with clean laundry that slowly spreads into every corner of my house. Never again.


I am gushing at my dazzling folded sweatshirts!

As some of you know, my family will be up rooting and moving in a month, so this discarding process couldn’t have come at a better time! Though I know soon my organized house will be packed into boxes in a few weeks and then I will have to re do it all again once we move into our next house, BUT I believe that once I have learned the method and have already donated and gotten rid of all the unimportant items… then it will make the moving, packing and unpacking process SO much easier.

I am looking forward to starting the next stage of my De cluttering journey!  Now if only I had another set of arms to wrangle this crazy Toddler.


Either way, its only the start. Stay Tuned for the next step!


❤ Mama Cat


4 thoughts on “KonMari: 1 week update- Clothing

  1. Not tryimg to profit frim the things discarded makes the process go more smoothly. It ‘s not just the time and storage, it’s that we’ve gone through the process of determinibg that items add no value in our life, that their purpose has been fulfilled but when you sell you put value back on the items it defeats the purpose. Donate, take the tax deduction and enjoy the space. That’s what I say. Let us know how it goes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Hon! Thanks so much for reading my blog post! Yes! That is the point exactly! Only keep what brings you happiness! Don’t worry hold on to things that give you nothing! (that can be said for clothing… shoes.. food, people.. ect!)

      And let me tell you I am gathering quite a lot of tax deductible receipts! 😀

      Tune back to hear how it all goes!


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