Somethings need change:KonMari

Picking up a book to sit and read while I had a second to breath (Munch was taking one of his rare naps) I plopped heavily onto my couch and opened the front flap of the book. I relished in the newness of the title and traced my hand along the crisp pages.

And BOOM guilt filled me. Because I was cheating on the 5 other books I had half started! I have this problem you see of starting to many books and then leaving some on the back burner, only to be looked at weeks later when I have already completed and started a few others. This isn’t because I BUY ALL THE BOOKS . But because I purchase a book for my monthly book club, and then reserve a book from the online library that I have been eying for a while  (that apparently won’t be available for weeks). All of a sudden I find myself with new 2 audio books (I reserve for car rides and walks), one book on my phone (for when I am laying in bed next to my sleeping husband and don’t want to bother him with the lights) and then my author friends grant me the privilege of reading one of their beautiful creations! can you say WOWZA?  To top it all off… that ONE book I have been searching for for ages happens to only $.30 at the used bookstore. TADA! Giant stack of books.

Enjoy the little things: A flower my son brought me while I was writing this post
The guilt is so very real, and so is the urge to just snuggle in and  READ THEM ALL. But that isn’t how real life works.

Lets face it, its discombobulating if you read 5 books all of varying topics at the same time. You are destined to prefer one over the other, and mix and confuse story plots and character arch, It just will not work.

The more I ponder my book dilemma, The more I realize that this in fact is a parallel to my life on all fronts. When it comes to crafts or projects, I keep piling them on without completing any fully. Or tidying, dishes, laundry (the never ending cycle!) appointments, engagements, wife life, mom life and ME TIME!.. They provide the exact same feeling of happiness, but cannot be done all stacked up. By stacking and stacking, I have already begun setting myself up for stressful failure (unless I just stop doing laundry and dishes and just read the rest of my life… Hmm, is that an option?)

My friends have recently made an amazing discovery, and I am going to be jumping on the bandwagon. They are reading (ONE MORE BOOK TO ADD TO THE PILE) a book Called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organization” By Marie Kondo and have said that it is not just a book, but a life changing event!The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

And of course, I am a bandwagon Junkie (Go Twilight #teamedward) that I looked into this book immediately, and found that THIS just might be my key to a more tidy life. Kondo believes that Tidying is not just about decluttering your living space, but also about decluttering  and freeing your mind. By doing so, you are forced to face your feelings on that specific object you’re cleaning and are able to make the decision to let it go, or to keep it because it serves a true and positive purpose in your home.  By turning your entire life into an organized, less cluttered and peaceful version of itself, you are also doing the same thing within yourself  JUST by discarding all items that do not give you a feeling of happiness.

I have just started the book– But already am feeling the urge to declutter and clean (which is second nature to me anyway.. thanks mom!) But I want to on such a deeper level than  have ever done before. This is not just putting away unused clothing. This is purging and thanking everything you choose to discard one by one, letting its memories engulf you, then letting them all go. I want to discard all the items I have so carefully hoarded over the years, all because I realized they don’t bring happiness to my life RIGHT NOW. And what is the point of keeping it, if its purpose has already been served?
I will say I have my trepidation.. what if I end up throwing out everything.. then have to wear a plastic bag for the next few months until I can build up a wardrobe again? What do I do with sentimental items that do not serve a purpose but make me happy? How will I feel if everything from my past is thrown out, and all I have left are dozens of trash bags filled up and given away to complete strangers who don’t know the story behind this awesome geeky t-shirt from high school?
That is the point, isn’t it?
Well.. I guess we will find out! … Here I go!
❤ Mama Cat
Stay tuned for more posts on my adventures in going #KonMari

Feel free to check out this book and read it along with me! It can be purchased here!




9 thoughts on “Somethings need change:KonMari

  1. Good food for thought, Tait. Declluttering is always good and freeing…but it can also do the opposite and make you into an obsessive, compulsive De-clutterer (oh..there is such a thing). Balance is the key:) Don’t give away the clothes that you stole from back to high school days:) Love you and love that you are blogging.


    1. Thanks mama! Yes, the de cluttering process can be quite addicting, but I’m being sure to follow the process outlined in the book, which in fact does call the tidier to discard things that really are just taking up space. Which of course, is harder for me since I’m a pack rat. But let’s just say that this book so far has made me realize that “Somethings need change!” And it’s ok!

      P.s. Don’t worry, I am still hoarding my favorite clothing that I stole from you. They obviously bring me happiness!


  2. This whole declutter of thoughts and objects is something I need to do too. It’s time for some spring cleaning for sure!
    I love passing on old things to others versus just tossing it away (in fact this is why I have so much stuff for decluttering because not all things can find new homes).
    Even though they wont know what it meant to you, I’d rather it bring someone else happiness rather than holding on for sentimental reasons.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely agree Ashley! And power to you’re cleaning! (This is part of the reason I need you to watch Munch for a few hours sometime! So I can get my KonMari face on!)


  3. It’s 4 am here. Reading your blog just adds to why I love you so much. My son and your son are so fortunate to have you be the “guiding strength ” of your amazing little family.
    My life is brightened each time you send a picture or video of my grandson and you and Jake.
    It makes the distance a bit more tolerable.
    You have amazed me again.


    1. ❤ Thank you so much for following my blog! It means a lot to me, and is yet another way that I can share my little families experiances with my bigger family who live way too far away! Love you very much ❤


  4. I wrote a whole paragraph and it disappeared.
    So to try again. I will just condense it into this.
    Again you amaze me my Dearest Momma Cat.


    1. Why thank you so much! I actually received both comments and approved them to the page! So now they should both be visible!

      Your kind words are heartwarming! I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog post!

      ❤️ hugs from munch and I!


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