DIY: A Little Disneyland Dapper Dan Costume

In case you don’t know much about me, I will let you in on a little secret… I LOVE DISNEY! Everything Disney! I love the stories, the movies, and especially the parks! I get all twitterpated when I think about the music, the magic and the childlike awe that comes from sniffing too much Pixie Dust. I worked there back in 2012 with the Disney College Program after I graduated College, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only did I get to walk the parks daily and make magic for guests, But I was able to fan girl over it on top of learning the most valuable skills in customer service from THE place that created the words “Hospitality”!!

It was finally deemed time to take my little Munchkin (Munch,as we call him) to visit the Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland, CA.

And of course, seeing that creativity flows through my body and not blood, I had to sew him a costume to wear for his first adventure… Obvi.

After much deliberation (There were SO many options to choose from) I landed on one of my favorite and iconic cast members in Disneyland. The Dapper Dans of Disneyland! They are pretty much this TOTES AMAZING Barber shop quartet that roams Main Street, USA and serenades guests all day. Yea, I may have stalked them back in my Disney Days!

The Dapper Dans pose on a horse-driven trolley car on Main Street, U.S.A.
Reference Photo The Dapper Dans of Disneyworld (Normal Colors)

Usually each Dapper Dan has their own individual color scheme( see above photo) , but because I knew we were going to be going to Disneyland during the Christmas Holiday season, I knew that they had specific Christmas Candy Cane Costumes. So OF COURSE Munch HAD to match them!

Dapper Dan Christmas Attire Reference Photo

Now, I am a self taught sewer. I cosplayed back in my day, but never really sewed anything my self. Just dabbled. But I decided “Hey! Why not throw caution to the wind and DO IT MYSELF!”

So I hand made a pattern out of some paper-after chasing Munch around the house trying to get his measurements. Let me tell you, that was exercise in its self.Finally, I had a pattern and then a quick trip to Joannes Fabrics and BOOM! I was set to sew sew sew. This part took the longest.. because I spent half the time like a wild lion tamer fighting my toddler for the fabric so I could quickly throw it into the machine, and the other part ensuring said toddler didn’t prick himself on pins.  But eventually when I persuaded my Husband to watch Munch for me, it went much smoother!

Pattern… meet fabric!

I made him a vest, a pair of pants (one of the alternate colors is black, but I decided to go with the more colorful red) a green bow tie, green guarders, and added a green sash to his dapper hat. I also made him a coat, line with fleece (in case it got cold at night– it ended up being perfect weather of course so it went unused) and a detachable fleece scarf. I then bought him the button up white undershirt, And TADA! It was done!

Then it sat for a month or two. Eventually we made our way back to California and it was finally time to put the costume back on and go and make some Magic Happen! We were stopped even before we entered the Disneyland gates! Everyone owwed and awwed at my little Dapper Dan! He loved the attention of course, and I beamed with pride. There is nothing better than seeing the Magic of Disneyland through a child’s eyes. Let alone if its your own son who is running around stealing hearts and even attracting the attention of Pluto who came running up to US!

Munch wasn’t so sure why Pluto was so excited to see him. Obvi he didn’t know how Totes Adorbs he looked!

We got some snacks, skipped down main street and Ran into some of me wonderful Cast Member friends from my past!

And as we sat eating our box of popcorn (And by “We” I mean that Munch ATE THE WHOLE BOX himself) We heard them! The Dapper Dans rolled our way on the Trolley down Main Street, USA!


When we got to the trolley, I announced ” Dapper Dan’s! May I introduce your newest member! He has waited his whole life to meet you!” They all Burst out with cheer and joy and were SO impressed and charmed by Munch. The trolley cast member Jessie was so enthusiastic and so we got to sit right up front!


The Dapper Dans announced over the speakers that they had a special little friend on board that then sang to us as we drove down Main Street, USA! It was a dream come true! Munch was nearing his nap time so his tolerance level was lower than usual. But it was still a moment I will never forget!

Then we went and explored the rest of what Disneyland had to offer us. Unfortunately we were only there for 24 hours… so we were not able to do EVERYTHING.. But we did meet Mary Poppins, see Cars Land in Disney’s California Adventures and even saw Fantasmic! (my favorite show)

Finally the day was done. We waved goodbye with happy tears in our eyes, and a heart full of Disney Magic! I can’t wait for the next trip, I am going to have to start on Munch’s next costume! Who knows what I will choose! 😉

~Have a Fantabulously Magical day!~

❤ Mama Cat


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