Intro: A Blog has to start somewhere! So Lets start with Hello!

I will be honest when I say that I have been thinking and dreaming of starting a blog for about a year. The urge to write and express my “inside voice” has always captivated me, but of course fear, and suborn pride have kept me from doing so…. UNTIL NOW!

So  today, among the chaos of my busy little house, with the dog barking to go out into the North Carolina rain for the 12th time today, and the sick toddler screeching “MUUUM” at the highest humanly heard decibel… I hit “CREATE ACCOUNT” and Boom! Thats how I ended up here.

Of course I did some research to try and figure out my “Blogs personality” and tried to find tests that would answer the question for me without much effort. But I think that THAT is the question.. it is the entire purpose of my blog. So that this little mold of clay can transform and change into whatever I need it to become, and hopefully make some sort of indent on others along the way.

That being said, I DO know who I am and what I love. So this blog will be filled with MY passions, my loves and my heart.

I have seen many blogs that I lust over. photos of immaculate white walls and perfectly decorated houses. But that is SO not me! I am very real, and very cluttered. I am colorful and richly vibrant. I go a bit over the top but do so with the best intentions. I love to believe in magic and pixie dust. I have a wild childlike imagination and the fiercely beating and passionate heart of a mother bear.  I take life in and accept the good and the bad.. but in doing so, I also try and approach life firstly with laughter and joyful abandon! I believe that a little farm dirt doesnt hurt and have a free country girls heart for the farm , but a city girls head of adventure and wonder. I live to provide hospitality, comfort and try my hardest to ensure you feel wanted and loved.

This is a little bit about who I am. Not where I have been, or where I am going (for God only knows that) But this is who I am in my current place. Just a cheerful little kite enjoying the breeze.

Join me for the ride. I promise it’ll be fun.

And if only my mother reads this blog.. then…




4 thoughts on “Intro: A Blog has to start somewhere! So Lets start with Hello!

  1. I’m very excited you started this! I’ve always enjoyed your awesome Facebook posts! You definitely have a knack for writing things in the most wonderful way. I’m really looking forward to reading ALL your adventures.

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